Repurposing: Rabbit Hutch Edition



Repurposing is a total different frame of mind. I love to hear of new ideas to reuse unused or cast away items for a new life and new purpose. Ya know for example wood pallets. Millions of uses for them. Sometimes the vision is easy, like taking down an old farmhouse/barn to reuse the lumber. That’s what we built our chicken house and some of the goat barn with. I’m not quite as creative as others with coming up with things and I am impressed with others ideas.

If you are a regular reader you might remember the rabbit hutch we bought over a year ago for $10.  We ended up losing our rabbits to the very hot summer and since I’m not sure if the drought will come again this year, I’m not in a hurry to get more rabbits. Kid’s did a very kid type sunflower yellow paint job to the hutch last year and through the winter the hutch sat on its back where the kids left it after trying to paint the bottom.

Hubby moved hutch for the first time in 6 months and mowed the high grass all around it. So glad he did. I got to where I has scared a snake was hiding in the foot high grass everytime I walked by. Looked so much better mowed.

I had been fussing in my head about finishing second chicken pen. Needs a chicken house but no money to buy lumber to build the one I want. The Chick-n-hutch is in their now and just isn’t working for large birds. Maybe two birds but not 12-15 that will eventually be in there.

As I looked at the rabbit hutch the idea hit me. Rabbit hutch can be a great chicken house! I will build a ladder type ramp they will climb to get in and they can use it to roost on too. The nest box on the back is very generous and it has a back door on each nest box so I don’t have to go in to collect eggs!!! Now just to get hubby to move hutch into pasture and set it into place.

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