My So Called Interesting Life


So I planned on making a quick trip an hour away to meet a guy that is buying our two remaining royal palm hens. We met at a gas station yesterday right off I-20. We really needed the money since money is tight with hubby only subbing school right now.

I got there okay and opened the crate and while pulling the turkey hen out she flapped her wings flipping whatever poop they had produced on the ride their in my hair, and on my face and clothes. Nice. I assumed my daughter was behind me instead she moved beside me and the other turkey flipped out and smacked closed crate but not latched door. She paused half a second and then flew off. Whoa! I didn’t even realize her feathers grew back enough to fly!

My teenage daughter and the man started running after her I also ran a few steps reactively before I thought “Baby!” I yelled for my daughter to come watch my infant son and then I went to go help. She had flown down the hill, crossed the frontage rd then crossed the thankfully empty interstate at that second anyway and went and hid in the center median. The guy yelled “Come on!” to me. I got to the edge of the road and stopped. Something in my head was screaming “This is stupid! What are you doing? You’re gonna cross an interstate to go chase a turkey in the center median of I-20??!!”

So I halted there in the grass freaking out. I realized there goes my turkey and my $30, a lot of money to us right now. Then I thought in horror the stories I’ve heard of turkeys totally cars if they hit them hard enough. I do not have money to fix someones car if they hit the turkey. Or worse if someone gets hurt. I felt so powerless. Not sure how this would end. I did the only thing I think I could do. I prayed. I prayed for that turkey to come back to me and not hit any cars doing it.

I opened my eyes to see the man chasing her around the ditch in the center median. He kept looking to me with a look I took as “Help me lady!” The cars and semis were going by so fast. I was so scared. And then suddenly there was no traffic and that turkey suddenly decided to run back toward me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Obviously the guy couldn’t either. He ran behind her and we slowly walked her up the hill trying not to move too fast but slowly herding her up the hill to a fence behind the busy gas station and restraunt. We think we have her cornered and then realize the fence ends and opens to a sidewalk. Oh my gosh!!!

Luckily two people that worked there were outside and one yelled “Look a goose!” I answered “Its a turkey, help us catch her!” They headed her off and we slowly tried to corner her behind a dumpster. I yelled to one of the workers “Grab her?” The guy looked at me and said “Does she bite?” I said “No, just might poop”. He second guessed grabbing her at that news but the the guy buying her grabbed her before the moment passed. Oh thank God!

I was shaking. Adrenaline pumping. The guy said “I can’t believe that! Did you see her turn and run back after the traffic cleared? I can’t believe it!” I told him “I prayed.” He said “What?!” I said “I prayed she’d come back and not get hit” He gave me a second glance like are you for real. Not sure if he thought I was crazy or what.

As we walked back to our vehicles I told the guy how sorry I was and no charge for this bird. He was quiet. We both were exhausted and shaking. As we got back to her truck and safely got her in he started to get money out of his wallet. Again I told him no charge for that bird and how sorry I was. He said “No Honey, they are good birds and you helped me catch her.” I said “No thats too much” So he handed the money to my daughter and said “Here Darlin’ I don’t think you’re Mamas gonna take it” He then laughed and said he still can’t believe she came back. We thanked each other and he drove away.

I sat in the van shaking trying to calm myself and telling my daughter what happened. I gathered my giggly legs and walked into the gas station to wash up as best I could. I got back to the van and tried to start it. It would turn over but not start. You gotta be kidding me!!

I’ll skim over this part quickly since it was the boring part and drew out for almost 5 hours! Some good samaritans came along trying to help as best they could. One lady who had helped catch us catch the turkey went home and got her hubby from home to come help us. He was a mechanic. He checked everything he could think and couldn’t figure it out. My brother in law showed up to check on us and my best friends hubby came to help too. A lot of heads under the hood. The mechanic even looked under the van. It seemed like it wasn’t getting fuel even though there was gas. The guy said “I’m sorry. I think its the fuel pump. You’re gonna need a tow”

I only had $40 at this time because we tried adding gas earlier thinking that would help somehow. $40 doesn’t tow your car anywhere. So there I sat with my infant in my lap and my teenager sitting next to me saying “Now what, Mom?” With her eyes. I just wanted to cry, but not in public. My motley crew of kind folks that had gathered round trying to help get me back on the road all started to leave wishing they could have helped. I thanked them for trying.

My best friend’s hubby decided to take a look under the van. He is a big guy and my van close to the ground. As I changed the baby’s diaper I heard him exclaim “Well here’s the problem! Start it!” I handed baby to daughter and turned the key IT STARTED!! Oh my gosh! Thank you God! As the guy wiggled out from under the van he said it was a loose wire connection. That was why no power getting to fuel pump. You gotta be kidding me!

I wanted to hug him so bad but I reeked of turkey poop. So we loaded up and headed home. I even made it home to see the end of my 6 year olds first ball game (after a quick stop to change clothes). I don’t want to repeat a day like that anytime soon or even better never again. God got me through it and safely home. And bonus points for not crying 🙂

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