Stupid Snake!

So Monday I checked on the royal palm hen sitting on the eggs. She had somewhere between 12-15 eggs. Thursday morning I check on her and find only two eggs! Grr. As I am pondering how a snake got in my daughter, who was home sick from school, yells one of the few month old buff orpingtons is dead. What?!

She brings body to me and the first thing I notice is the face is bruised looking instead of pale. It was odd. Sad enough, seen too many dead birds in the past year from one reason or another. I looked for any wounds and there on top of head was one puncture wound. Just one. Odd. But I had a feeling.

I picked up the phone and called Tena and asked her about it. Not mentioning the missing eggs yet. She said without hestiation. “Snake”. “Funny you say that cause in less than a week we lost approx a dozen eggs” I say. She told me to put down fruit tree netting at possible entry points and put out moth balls inside panty hose in their house.

My dad said put a smaller round light bulb in the nest and tge snake will be killed when it eats and crushes bulb it will be killed. So I gotta get busy. As for tonight I will put a bulb out there. Praying the snakes don’t find the bronze pen.

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