Samuel Got His Ducks!




As you might remember in an earlier post Mama duck and Daddy duck got killed by a neighbors dog that jumped our pasture fence. Samuel has not quit talking about getting more ducks. Waterfowl is his thing right now. And being in the autism spectrum we support anything that we can use to help him learn empathy and responsibility.

We decided on rouen ducks. They look simular to the mallards he had but they won’t be able to fly away being heavier bodied. I traded a lady some fertile turkey eggs for 14 ducklings. We picked them up this weekend. Here’s a pic of a very happy boy on his way to pick up his babies.

Here’s the funny part…we asked Samuel was he wanted to name them. The there was one Crested Rouen he named Crest and all the rest he named…Fred. Yep, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, and their other brother/ sister Fred.

I forgot how much ducklings stink. Ugh! We have them in a cage on the front porch until we cover their pen with wire. Samuel has been very good watering & feeding then frequently. I take care of them while he’s at school. This is the result this morning 30 min after I watered them. Party in the duck pen! That is not mud in cage. That is their expensive non medicated grower ration. Grr.

We tried putting shavings in first. Quickly became a wet stinky mess and a waste of feed. So last night cleaned cage thinking this will be better and just clean out each night. Seems they showed us! I’m thinking we might just move up their move in to their new pen. Messy little buggers. In the pic the one in the front looks like he’s saying “Wasn’t me. It was Fred’s idea”

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