Addy Out of Commission

Addy got bit by a goose about a week ago on the udder right above the teat. I can’t speak on how often hubby cleaned wound but I do know it is now infected and has a swelling lump on the inside of the udder behind wound.

It hasn’t developed mastitis yet according to a friend who knows a lot more about goats than me. Seems we caught it in time. That’s why our always easy to please Addy was kicking him when milked. She was hurting and trying to tell him.

We gave her 3ccs of LA 200 (an antibiotic) to help her fight infection. She can no longer be milked for two reasons one the LA 200 has a long withdrawl period for it not to be in the milk anymore. The other is the placement of the wound right above the teat stretches the wound everytime he milks. So the wound has to heal before she can be milked again, but by the time it heals and withdrawl period up she will be dried up by then. Frustrating now we down to milking five goats. And of that five addy created the most milk.

2 responses to this post.

  1. What kind of goat is addy??? She gives you a gallon a day and that gives you drinkin milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and ice cream for 5 people??? Thats what i need i eat 5 peoples worth of dairy products


    • Addy is an alpine nubian cross. Yes she can produce a gallon a day easy. We milked six does this year. Addy is out of commission right now due to an infection from a goose bite. Stupid goose.


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