Kiki is Sick :(


All animals have uses on the homestead and Kiki is our house cat and reigning queen of the castle. We adopted her in 2008 and when we took her to the vet for her shots we soon found out she is positive for feline leukemia but was in remission. The vet gave us the option of putting her down but as I looked at my bright eyed rolly polly cat I knew I had to give her a chance. The last family that had her never even named her just called her “kitty, kitty”. The vet said she might not live much longer maybe a few more years at best. And here we are a few years later with her sick laying in my lap.

She has stayed really healthy and quite spoiled at fat. With a regal aire and an act of “I can’t be bothered now” but soon after would be crawling under your covers, occupying your lap or stealing your pillow. She never permitted anyone (other cats) to come into the house which is a good thing so no other cat could get her illness.

We all have been suffering with allergies and when Kiki started sneezing last week we didn’t think anything of it. She always sneezed when we dusted, reorganized furniture or sprayed air freshener. Last night I called to her telling her its time for bed and cuddles. She didnt come. We saw her stretched out on daughters bed asleep so we let her be.

This morning I was drinking my coffee she always sits on the arm of the couch to the left of me. Her habit got that way when we used to have our side table there. She’d block my reach to my coffee cup on purpose so I’d have to show het attention. The little butt. But this morning she was laying on floor instead. I called her to me and instead of the arm of couch my regal stuck up cat lay in my lap as if to say “Mommy hold me, I don’t feel good”.

Her snoring head stretched out and draining sad eyes tell me this isn’t allergies. I know it’s coming close to her time. I quickly call the vet knowing what they will say. They offer to see her and give her a steroid shot and antibiotic but do warn doing so could also drain her down more. The suggest I just keep her comfortable and call them when Im ready to put her down.

I think I’ve decided to see how she is by Monday. If she hasn’t improved or gone on her own I might have her put down. I don’t want her to suffer. At this point shes still eating and drinking just sleeping more. But the weight loss and rough breathing doesn’t look promising for her. I’m just gonna cuddle with my sweet girl till we feel its time.

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