Bad Chick Luck

We lost a few chicks when we first got them and thats normal for few day olds. I then lost ome a few weeks ago, then two last week and another today. Not sure what it is yet. Strange. They stop eating and die rather suddenly. I have someone doing some research for me to see what it is but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the other birds thank God.

And then the kicker is today when my daughter went to check on the sick one (who had finally passed) the white leghorn hen got into the chick pen and got excited when my daughter was pouring the feed in their feeder. It grabbed a chick by the head and broke its neck. My daughter screamed grabbed the leghorn by the feet and brought it to me yelling the whole way.

After calming my daughter down, I trimmed the leghorns wings and put her back in the main pen where she belonged. We are now down to four 10 week old buff orpington chicks. Well darn, now gotta find more chicks to raise so we can get back to getting more eggs than we are now. Which is a piddily one white leghorn egg and one white banty egg.

Btw we realized we lost our last red star last week sometime. Assuming owl or coyote got her. She was a bit of a rebel and even with wings trimmed would hop corner to corner in the main pen and then jump down. She hated being contained in any way. Maybe she’ll surprise me and show up with chicks but I doubt it red stars aren’t known for being broody.

I can’t believe how behind we are on where we want to be with our flock. It will take years to rebuild where we were but theres been a lot of hard lessons learned in the process. We will get there one day. Until then I just need enough birds to keep us in eggs.

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