Chick-n-Hutch Review



I see I have had four searches for chick-n-hutch reviews past few days so here is my response. I do not suggest this product at all. The wood it is built from is very soft and the stain is just that, a stain, not sealed at all. My hutch has in on year faded drastically from the sun. The doors on the top sides have bowed in center and asphalt shingle paper is coming loose on the edges. The doors that slide on the front facing and back are made out of thin plywood and bowed and no longer useable.

The pen was a joke. Do not think you can move this around. The first time we moved it the wood cracked at a hinge and the board that is at the top that sits against the hutch fell off and we were using two people to move it!

I believe their plan for their hutch is a good idea but using substandard supplies ruins it and is a horrible waste of money. Why buy something that will last one year? The pen didn’t even last that! So if you still are set on buying this product paint it with a good sealer inside and out, apply another hinge in center of side doors and trace a pattern of the exterior doors since you will need it when the doors warp and no longer slide open and close in the track.

I will post pics soon of what our hutch and pen look like now a year later.

Update: This is the pic I promised you. After our hot Texas summer sun and only one years usage this is what it looks like. If you had more shade it would probably hold up a little better but as you can see its drastically faded. What doors are left are bowed and thin plywoog chipped where rain made plywood swell. I mean hello this was built for use outdoors! The side roof doors are bowed in center letting rain in. The asphalt paper is loose on corners. I really don’t understand why they would use thin plywood for doors and not seal the thing against weather at all. It came stained but not sealed!

The chick n yard has been baling wired and finishing nailed together. The little plastic hearts meant to latch doors shut now have cracked in half or about to.

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