While the milk flows…

Ha! In my own sick twisted humor that title is so fitting. With so much goat milking and me having to stop frequently in the middle of projects to nurse the baby (who is now 9wks old)

The goats are producing really well. We ran out of beet pulp, rice bran, and alfalfa pellets and still they are producing a little over a gallon at each milking just on their bagged dairy ration. They produce more with the other but doing well and maintaining weight as is for now.

We bought two boxes of a dozen pint canning jars and we fill them with the goat milk after its been strained through a coffee filter and set them in the very coldest part of our fridge to chill quickly. At first the kids were downing the milk like starving children because they missed having fresh goat milk but now they are used to it again so its not being used as quickly. So our fridge got filled with jars rather quickly.

This Easter Sunday I made a gallon of vanilla yogurt. And then filled our glass pitcher with the remaining jars of milk. And here its tuesday and this morning we were out of jars again! So today I made 4 quarts banana ice cream, and two quarts chocolate ice cream. I also gave away one gallon milk to a good friend and a quart of yogurt. Whew! This evenings milk is still ahead so at least I will have some clean jars to put the milk in.

I guess you are wondering how we organize so many jars of milk. We have a system that works for us. With this being raw, fresh milk with no preservatives the cooler the milk is the quickest as possible makes the milk last longer.

When the milk comes in the house we strain it then put in pint jars. We label on the glass, not the lid, with date and am or pm so we know which milking it was from. That way we are always rotating the milk so we know which to use first. We like to use our milk within two days. There are uses for sour milk but we can usually keep on top of using before then.

We are already down to two pint jars of yogurt so will probably start a new batch tomorrow. I also got a box of rennet so I can make some Neuchattel type cheese that we flavor and put on crackers or bagels. Now I just have to locate my recipe. Don’t worry I’ll share when I find it.

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