Crockpot Yogurt



Here’s a super simple way to make yogurt from goat milk. The way I used to make it was labor intensive for a small amount of yogurt. We have a big family so this recipe works for us. You could always half the ingredients and should still work well. If using half ingredients and using oval crockpot, be careful milk doesn’t scorch because of larger heating surface area. Also shorten cooking time.

1 gallon raw goat milk
1 cup dannon plain natural yogurt
Vanilla to taste

Pour one gallon raw goat milk in the crockpot. I use a large oval one. Put it on low for approx 2hrs 45 min. Then unplug crockpot and let cool with lid on for 3 hrs. After that wrap crockpot in a towel and set in oven overnight to culture.

In the morning take out and stir. Put in fridge and cool. Yogurt will be creamy and runny. If you want thicker yogurt then after cooling in fridge strain yogurt through a cheese cloth or paper towel lined strainer. The pic above is us straining ours.

You can then add sweetner like sugar, honey, or splenda and fruit. I like to leave mine vanilla flavor and just add what ever fruit we want when we eat it.

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