Got Juice?

I am borrowing a juicer from a local health food store and gonna try it to see if we like it or not. We eat more veggies than most families but since having a rough pregnancy and a lot slower recovery we have found ourselves eating more junk food or processed foods. Don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for an occasional bag of chips, soda or mac & cheese. I just want to get back where our diet was or maybe even improve upon it.

The biggest hold back for our family currently for eating more fresh fruit and veggies is the inconvience of prep. My time is limited right now (and energy) being a new mom, juicing sounds like a great idea. I’m also hoping some things like kale that I don’t really prefer taste of, but I know it’s nutrient dense, I can sneak into something like an apple and carrot juice. I did my first run through tonight. The recipe I used included the following: 2 apples, 5 carrots, 2 stalks celery, & 3 leaves kale. And we discovered we don’t like that much celery and kale at one time. So will try something new next time.

I know what you’re thinking “What does juicing have to do with homesteading?” I think a lot really. One of the biggest reasons we homestead is to grown our own food and know where our food comes from. Produce is one of the most quickly grown and quickest to spoil without quick consumption or preserving.

Juicing is another way to make efficient use of the fruits of our labor. Nothing goes to waste! That idea makes a homesteader very happy. For example tonight when I juiced the carrots I saved the pureed carrot in a freezer bag to save for when I bake goodies. How about that?!

Now just to find recipes we like that we can incorporate things that we grow here and maybe even start adding things we eat less of by “sneaking” them in with sweeter fruits or veggies. When I find something we like I’ll post recipes here. Does anyone else have any good recipes to share?

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  1. I just bought a juicer a couple of weeks ago and I’m loving it. The only down fall is cleaning the juicer. I am also amazed at the sheer amount of produce it takes to produce a small 8 oz glass of juice. It feels somewhat wasteful (and expensive). I am very lucky that my boyfriend has a flock of chickens to eat all of this veggie pulp…and I am rewarded with beautiful orange-yolked eggs. Happy juicing!


    • Yes, I was suprised by amount of veggies it took to juice too. I ran the pulp back through a few times. My geese got the leftovers of the pulp this morning. I saved the carrot pulp for muffins or cake for us. Please share any recipes you like.


      • So far my favorite has been:
        2 stalks celery
        2 carrots
        1 ripe pear
        1 large bunch parsley
        1 gala apple
        1 cucumber


      • Hmm Ill have to try that. I might do less celery though. I’m not a big fan of it and trying to find things to juice we can grow here on our homestead. We can grow celeriac but not celery. I’ll let you know what I think.

      • Wow! Tried it today. Loved it. I like the parsley. We can grow here. I might try it with only one celery next time

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