Turkeys Started Laying!


Our bronze turkeys started laying yesterday. All 5 hens each laid an egg. It’s funny, it’s like one laid one and then the others said “Oh, I wanna do that!” We brought four eggs in and left one out there so the others might be reminded where to lay. I am leaving eggs sitting out on counter at room temperature until I have enough eggs to fill a small foam incubator. I’m hoping they are all fertile!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I got an incubator from tractor supply for my chicken eggs ( which unfortunately will not be big enough for my turkey eggs next spring) but i havent been kepping water in it ive been keeping the temperature at 99.5 is there enough hunidity without water for them to hatch the room is kept between 68-70F


    • No you have to have humidity. They will not hatch without. Instead you’re just dehydrating them. Different poultry require different humidity.


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