Milking Does


Since selling the babies we have been milking does twice a day. 6am and 6pm.  All being milked right now except Addy since she still has her twins on her.

This is the first year to be milked for Briarose, Merriwether, and Fauna. Briarose was figgity first few times as hubby milked her but he says she gets better each time. Merriwether  and Fauna stand like a dream. Not a twitch, not one complaint. They just munch on their bucket of feed.

A different story for Bluebonnet and Shortcake, two of our older girls. Bluebonnet is third in command in the herd and doesn’t like to be challanged. She kicks at the bucket and threatens to step off the side of the stancion. Hubby holds one leg and milks one teat at a time with the other.

Shortcake is a pain in the rear. I love her to death but this has always been the way she is when milking time. She will eat her grain watching us slightly out of the corner of her eye. As soon as we are distracted “Pop!” Foot in the milk! Every flipping time if you for a second are distracted. So for that reason we milk her last and bring the other milk inside and start her with an empty bucket.

Hubby will reworm girls in the morning. Worms so bad this year. We then have to wait two weeks for milk to be safe to drink again. Since Shortcake has gotten her foot in every milking hubby has done so far (He keeps thinking he can be quicker than she is) the chickens and turkeys have been getting lots of good milk. My son Daniel is frustrated since we didn’t milk last two years, he doesn’t remember the difference in goat milk and cows milk.

Once we get milking “for the house” again hubby has requested we make banana ice cream. I can’t wait to make yogurt again or fresh spreadable cheese we like to flavor with crushed pineapple, herbs, or ranch dressing mix. I will have to look back and see if I have posted those recipes on here before, if not I’ll remedy that soon. Yum!

Update! This mornings milking we got a gallon of milk from the five does. Thats with three of them being first year milkers! We will get more milk once we add Addy to the group to milk after her babies go to their new home and we hope the girls we are milking now will produce more since we can now control how much feed each one is getting since they eat in the stand.

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  1. How much do sell your babies for


    • I don’t have any now. But I have a friend that does. Call Suzy Minke at 254 485 0292 She raises mini alpines. They are a great feed efficient breed that produce good milk.


  2. We have less than one acre ( and mostly rock bed no grass) is that enough room for a goat and how much h what kind of hay would we need to get


    • Yes it is enough if you provide hay. But they might become bored. Also provide lots of shade because of the heat radiating off the rocky ground. Goats prefer brush over grass but any good coastal hay will do. Look for horse quality hay. Not cow quality. They need roughage to digest their grain. When milking add preferably alfalfa hay mixed in their feed. Or chaffhaye or alfalfa pellets depending on what you can afford.


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