Sold More Than Half the Herd

We had already made up our mind to half the goats before the doeling was stolen yesterday. Our reason for selling them is desperation plain and simple. Cutting our losses before there are losses.

You see with my hubby only subsitute teaching now and no full time job in site yet its slim pickins. We had paid off our feed bill in Jan and thought we’ll only charge again if we were desperate.

Well yesterday morning hubby went to feed store to see about charging a few bags of feed till first. Well the feed store is no longer doing any charges for anyone. Who could blame them really with the economy being the way it is.

After I freaked out when hubby told me the news from the feed store AND then told me he had enough food for two more feedings to the goats. Oh and he left the half full bag of chicken feed in the back of the truck in the rain. I was so scared what would happen to my poor babies. The decision was made to go ahead and sell all the babies and.Nala cheap.

I posted the babies for sale last night on Craigslist. Within 20 min I had a serious buyer. He came by today and bought all 9 remaining babies and Nala too. We sold them for under market price and yeah we might get some flack for this but the sale barn that does the goat auction is an hour away. We can’t afford the gas to go down there right now and with only two feeding of feed left we couldn’t afford to wait either. I still say us and the animals win.

Tonight as I went out before dark with hubby to watch the first official milking happen, I looked out at the mostly empty pasture. I know it was the right thing to do since now we have enough feed till we get paid again. Also feed bill will really go down. I think the thing is I’m sentimental and to not see Nala out there and not hear her answer me everytime I call her name. She was a pain in the rear. Loved to lay in the middle of a fresh bale of hay to hog it all. Was a glutton that always was first for feeding and last to go. Never wanted to be milked and I swear she smiled as she kicked the milk bucket over or stuck her dirty foot in it just to spite me. I might miss her…briefly.

As for the first milking, everyone did great. Bluebonnet stomped in the milk stancion showing her displeasure. Briarose (her first time ever being milked) at first stomped but quickly calmed down as she ate her bucket of feed hooked to the stancion. Fauna and Merriwether were pros even though it was their first time too. Not one stomp or hesitation. Shortcake was well Shortcake. She battles a little at each milking like she has for years but its more a half hearted dominance showing bluff. We’ve learned her tricks and don’t fall for them often. An unguarded bucket will get a foot in it and then the only one that gets that milk is the chickens.

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