Goat Stolen!

In case you are a regular reader of this blog and think to yourself you’ve seen a simular heading as this before, you are right. This is the fourth year we have had one stolen! First year the stole two week old babies and when sheriff showed up they got spooked and dropped them over the fence in the dark. Sheriff laughed with us when they came running up when all three of us knew we just walked the pasture and the grass was too short to hide a baby.

Next year a man was spotted behind our dam. The person who saw didn’t think to tell us till later we told them one was stolen. We think he walked behind dam hiding himself from the house and just grabbed the closest baby goat grazing. That year they got a buckling named Jack.

The third year no one saw it happen but at evening feeding Nala’s doe Jasmine was missing one day. Hearing a mama call for her lost baby is horrible. I was so mad! Again we made report with Sheriff if by chance they were found at a sale barn.

This year my friend, that had bought two doelings who are yet to be weaned, stopped by to visit. Darkness has just fallen. I was sitting on couch facing the window. I saw a truck go by on the main road real slow. I told my friend its almost Easter about time a year someone swipes a goat. As we were talking about ways we have tried to prevent it I see the same truck had now turned around and was driving again slow at the main road. That intuition in the back of my head made me jump up and say “I bet they just stole a goat!”

My friend ran out the door to see. I saw out the window as the truck took off fast. Hubby grabbed a flashlight and met us out in the pasture and we hastily counted goats. Sure enough there was Bluebonnet yelling for her missing twin baby. Her now single baby at her side.

I am very thankful it wasn’t my friends babies she bought or any of my big girls. It always happens right before Easter! My friend says I oughta start putting up an honesty box like the Amish do and ask people to pay for the goats they pick. Trying to find humor is something so stupid.

Scary part is to all of this, goats were laying down not 25ft from the back of our house. The person has to cross the dark pasture, creep up to the goats and grab the first one he could, then run back to the waiting get away truck. They had to see us through our open well lit window.
Why? Why?! Do you need a goat that bad? If you really are that hungry, knock on my door I’ll share a bag of food with you. I assume the answer to me question is for the thrill of it. Just frustrating. I hate living near the main rd. Gosh, just another reason to cut back our herd and pen then up at night.

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