All Hail Cesear! Serama that is


Yesterday we headed up to Springtown, Tx and met a lady who has a farm that raises some really nice poultry. I got ten buff orpington chicks and one banty roo. I didn’t care what breed he was because I just wanted one to service my two banty hens that we keep for comic relief on the farm. He ended up being a Serama roo. The world’s tiniest chicken I’m told.

He is so beautiful. A buff color with black tail. He stands straight up in attention. Wings straight down at sides with tail straight up in the air. He has a sweet tempermant and is a talker. I just love how he kinda mumbles to himself. Haha! I just hope nothing gets him because he is so sweet and not aggressive.

Our last banty roo was an old english mix named Napeleon. He passed away in a ice storm we had. Miss that guy. My daughter named this guy Cesear going with the emperor theme. So glad she appreciates irony like me.

I’d like to recommend the lady I bought the chicks and roo from. Nope not paid for this advertisement Lol! Her name is Tina Egan and she has Nana’s Hen House in Cottondale, TX (its near Ft Worth area) (940) 393-2921 or

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