Fowl Decisions

Had to make some hard decisions I have been putting off about the birds but then again the newborn taking most my time makes some decisions easier as priorities settle.

I have decided to sell my Black Copper Marans. Their rate of lay was a lot lower than I expected. Besides they eat a ton because they are large birds. I have also decided to give away rather than butcher the older hens I have. They are barely even laying now so it doesn’t make sense to continue feeding them.

I will be keeping all my turkeys, one Americana (hoping she starts laying soon), and my two banty hens. I want to restart with young birds probably Black Austrolourps and Buff Orpingtons. I always love my Buffs. They will always have a place in my flock. I really want to try the Aussies. I have heard such good things about them.

Once we rehome the other birds we plan on moving the turkeys in the large three sided barn over to the maran pen. Have to put top on pen though. That will then leave three sided barn open to the donkeys again to get better out of the weather. Half the barn now is where we keep Trey our Mini Alpine buck. Once we sell him this spring (hopefully) maybe I’ll make one side into a milking pen.

I will still need to build another pen or two for my turkeys but as for now thats the plan. I’m kinda bouncing around the idea of chicken tractors again, but they’d have to be goat proof. I built hoop tractors once out of pvc and the goats made quick work of them. If anyone has any good ideas let me know.

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