Fauna Had a Boy




Well Fauna our bottle baby from last spring accidentally got bred by our mini buck. She had a beautiful baby boy early Sat morning Jan 21. She nursed him well, cleaned him acted like a pro all day. They next morning we found her flipping out trying to jump out of her pen. It was like she wanted to get far away from him. My hubby had released everyone else out of the barn at dawn and kept her and tge baby in there so they could bond and she could recover.

We ended up letting her out so she wouldn’t hurt herself. As the baby ran after her she turned and head butted it. My daughter felt bad for it so she brought into the house. His sides weren’t sunk it but we offered him a warm milk bottle and he did drink a few ounces. We then put him in a crate while we figured out what to do.

That afternoon as hubby went out to feed, he brought baby that kids have now named Jet. Fauna and Jet reunited and he started nursing on her. She started cleaning him. So we put them back in their pen and fed them. Checked on them early morning she still was feeding him. Ever since then she’s been a great mom to him and he is gaining weight. Not sure why she acted like that but glad she came around. She is doing great for a young first year mother.

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  1. Posted by Deb on February 1, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Your son has the look of a great someday Dad!


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