Homesteading & Pregnancy

I don’t talk much about my pregnancy on here since I keep this as a homesteading subject blog. But just to let you know I’m big fat and wide now at 30 weeks pregnant and having some complications of preterm labor and gestational diabeties.

It’s very frustrating homesteading and being very pregnant. I wonder how my ancestors did it. Out the window I see so many unfinished projects that need to be done. Honestly nothing thats a huge deal but just for me a nagging reminder of stuff I’ve left undone.
I remind myself that I’m not being lazy and my job is to keep this kid baking. There will be time enough to work on more projects. And yes they never end. So I walk away from my window and take it easy on the couch to.continue doing the most important job I can, making sure this little guy is born healthy.

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