Pre Thanksgiving Prep



I’m calling it prep instead of work because it sounds better and we are prepping for winter. The two oldest kids are painting the rabbit hutch today. Our two Californians died in the heat this summer, but even though empty we still need to fix it up so it will be ready for next time.

We were given some buckets of latex exterior house paint. I thought they were offwhite which would of been good so the color would reflect some of the heat instead of the barn red I had wanted to paint it. It needed to be painted though since it was already looking weatherworn.

I also took a pic of the geese we caught this past weekend. We are gonna butcher the evil African goose for Christmas. I’ve heard geese can be mean but this guy is calculating! We are keeping the male embden. I put them in together so they won’t be lonely.

Our geese didn’t prefer prepared feed or even bread. They really just wanted to eat greens. We put a feed bucket of lay ration in there for now. I think its 12 -14% protein. Might change to something higher protein later and give them scratch when we get more. They are learning to eat it after a couple days.

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  1. If you raise a goose from a baby will it still hiss at you or just all other strangers??


    • Depends on the goose and its breed. Africans are known for being aggresive but there have been a few that turn out ok. We really want some pilgrims. That is a really friendly breed. Gray, the african, now thinks he is a goat and browses with them during the day. White, the embden or chinese, has grown vicious. And yes they yell at strangers


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