A Little Stinky Fun

Well today everyone got outside and worked together as a family. One of my favorite things to do. Although as pregnant as I am now I just sat on a bucket and oversaw everything.

We cleaned water troughs. Fed everyone. Scraped and raked the chicken pens. Raked up donkey “piles” and a few piles of old hay. Dumped it into the “puddle” the ducks and geese dug to fill it up. My oldest son spread the last bale of straw out in the maran pen.

There was also two wood shelves we were gonna use for nesting boxes in the new chicken house to be built. I have been too busy being preggo. One shelf rotted too bad so I asked the kids pull it apart and start taking it to the burn pile. The other one we hauled to the turkey barn to get out of the weather.

As my hubby was moving the rotten shelf he found some really old banty eggs in the dirt pile underneath. He asked how old I thought they were and I told him who knew just be sure to throw it downwind from me. He didn’t check and just threw it. It was upwind of course. Gag! It did a loud Pop! All gas. Samuel our 8 year old screamed like a girl and went running off out of throwing distance.

A few

minutes later my unsuspecting

daughter came outside. I asked her to grab one of those rotten boards and take it to the burn pile. She gave her dad a suspicious look since he was grinning kinda silly like. She picked up the board and started walking off. “Pop!” Went one egg nearby her as it hit th

e ground. Two more didn’t pop and rolled off in the grass. She yelled and ran to

look for the unpopped eggs. Samuel again screamed like a girl even louder this time and ran almost all the way out to the pond.

Hubby ran tried to find the eggs. He found them first “Pop, Pop!” Madalyn ran to me asking where he found them. I pointed to the dirt pile. While hubby was distracted trying to coax Samuel back up towards the house, Maddy dug through the pile and

found three more rotten banty eggs. She threw one at her dad and missed. He picked it up and threw it back at her. “Pop!”

She raised her hand up with the last remai

ning egg. My hubby yells in his best Daddy voice “Enoug

h!” I told him thats not fair he started it and told Maddy to go ahead and throw it. She let it fly and it hit hubby in the ankle. And this one still had a little putrid yolk in it and it splashed on the bottom of his pants and shoes.

Samuel screamed and ran again. Maddy went running for the gate laughing. I was laughing so hard I about fell off my bucket. That is until I saw how mad my hubby was. He walked to the house to peel off his rank smelling clothing. We all got a good laugh after and had some rather stinky bonding time. Needless to say there is a pair of stinky jeans and shoes sitting

on our back porch.

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