Duckling Update

The ducklings all stayed in the nest that night. But the following night or early morning two of the biggest ducklings decided to go swimming in their water bowl. I found them drowned the next morning in only a half inch of water. I’m guessing they got too cold to get back out of the shallow bowl. The remaining three now left the nest during the day with their mom.

The following day I was watching the ducklings play in their favorite puddle in the pasture. It was a three foot diameter puddle out a little further than the chicken pen. About 1:30pm I see a big bird at the time I thought it was one of my turkeys. That big of a wingspan. Then a lightbulb went off that all my turkeys have their wings clipped. It’s a big hawk!

I ran out the door as fast as a barefoot pregnant woman can. Went through the gate to the puddle. There were only two babies swimming in circles yelling for their mom who took off running to hide. The hawk had flown to the well house fencepost. I got close enough to stare at it pretty good before it flew off as it was being attacked by the crows that frequent our pond.

Just for the slight chance, I went to see if it dropped the baby. It had not. I sadly walk back to the puddle. The mom finally comes back from wherever she was hiding to gather her two remaining ducklings. I went back into the house to sulk.

No more trace of the hawk the rest of the day. I was sure now we are on its map it would be back. The next morning we found the mama duck had abandoned the remaining two babies overnight and they got chilled and died. So sad. I think from now on we will let her sit on the eggs but bring babies to brooder as soon as they hatch.

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