Another Ducky Day



Well a cold front was coming in Monday night and all afternoon the little duckling kept falling out of nest and mom wouldn’t help it back in. I was so worried about it overnight. Two of the kids went out with a flashlight before bedtime to check if baby was still in nest and it still was.

Hard rain started. Then the heavy wind. The wind howled so bad up to 50mph gusts. It woke up the kids wondering what all the noise was about. We finally all settled down to bed praying the baby duck would stay in the nest and not die overnight to exposure.

Morning broke. We were at a high of 91 the day before and now today tuesday the forcast was high in the 60s low 41 degrees. I got the kids off to school and quickly huddled back under the covers. My mind wondering what the daylight would reveal.

I finally gathered the courage to go out and look. As I stepped off the back porch I stepped in a hole turning my ankle and falling to ground to my knees, forehead touching the ground. I am six months pregnant now so thankful I didn’t fall flat on my belly. I yelled and just froze in that position for a bit then slowly got up. Amazingly my ankle felt fine and I could walk okay. I thanked God I was fine.

I walked over to the nest carefully not sure what I’d find. I talked calmly to mama and instead of running off she stood up. It was almost like she was proud and wanted me to see! There underneath her was FOUR ducklings! Three more hatched overnight and all were fine!

Later that afternoon the kids came home from school. And they ran outside to see. Soon my daughter came bursting through the door yelling “There’s five!” One more egg had hatched during the day. That leaves one egg left. Not sure if its a good one or not but gonna wait and see. I am taking pictures we took throughout the day today. Still praying tonight all the babies stay in the nest.

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