RAIN!!! And Feed Ponderings


We finally got rain!! It was around 6 inches and I’m told with that our total rainfall for the year is 7.49 inches. Isn’t that crazy?! Posting a picture of what our pasture looks like now.

We are thinking hard about winter feed for the animals. Since hay is crazy expensive now, if you can even find it, we have decided to go with Chaffhaye for our hay needs. It is a fermented alfalfa that sprayed with molasses. We have been using it as a supplement with their feed already.

I called the company to ask directions on how to feed it instead of baled hay. The lady said for goats feed 3/4 Chaffhaye and 1/4 coastal. She suggested 2 lbs per 100 lb body weight for goats and 1.5 lbs per 100 lb body weight for the donkeys. She also figured with 12 I’d need a minimum 6 pallets of Chaffhaye. Well yeah that’d be smart to buy ahead but can’t afford it. So waiting on call from local dealer how much one pallet is. See if its something I can do next month.

Trying not to panic or worry but this drought has really brought us to our knees with homesteading. Like I have said in other posts, we are now more aware this is not the ideal location for a homestead with the way the climate is changing. All we can do is constantly reprioritize who or what is most important in the meantime. Might even sell off a few more goats. Still talking to hubby on that one.

I’ll keep you updated as to winter feeding decisions.

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