Light at the End of the Tunnel?

These last few months have been hard. I haven’t given up on the blog, not one bit. It’s just hard to think of things to write about when its 108 outside. We spend most our time inside in front of the fans. We have central air but at 108 its hard to keep house cool. Usually about 8 its starts cooling off. I then let the kids play outside for 30 min then rush them inside for baths and bedtime.

We have lost more chickens to heat past couple days. Most noteably my dear sweet Rhode Island Red rooster Clifford. I know RIR get a bad rap but he was as sweet as they come. I adopted him from someone else and Ive had him almost two years so who knows how old he was. Also we lost today Penny which was my sons chick. She was the offspring of Clifford and a RIR hen that suddenly decided to sit. We lost her to the heat about two months ago too. So now we have no offspring to keep Cliffords bloodline alive.

Our turkeys have been very hardy. They have lost weight like all the other poultry and it will take some time once the heat ends to get their weight back up. I doubt in time for Thanksgiving. But there’s always Christmas!

Our khaki campbell duck started laying eggs this week. We did get a few inches of rain a few weeks ago and it was awesome to watch her and her rouen mate do some type of mating dance. I’ve never seen that before. Kinda a head bobbing up and down then do-see-do around each other.

Our geese well they are still here. Big grey, as he is named now, is a mean little snot. He will chase anyone down he gets near enough to. Even biting the goats or donkeys if he is in the mood to. The white embden I still don’t know is male or female. I guess I’ll figure out come spring if no one lays an egg by then. I the self reliance of geese. I’d really like more in the future.

The goats are doing well. Everyone should be bred by now. And Bluebonnet my son’s Lamancha is already bagging. She should give birth anytime now. And with it going to be 65 monday night thats my guess when. They usually go in a weather change. Everyones getting wormed and vaccinated this weekend. They are keeping their weight very well suprisingly. Due mostly to we switched them back over to a textured milking ration we get from Red Chain feed. They look great.

Fudge the baby donkey has finally lost all his baby fur. He looks so different. No longer like a buffalo. I’ll have to get pictures. It’s time to halter break him. And eventually teach him to lead. We also need to get him fixed. He is now a year old.

We talked about raising another hog. Our pork is now gone. Its actually kinda late to get a baby pig but with this heat we don’t want to chance getting one yet. Besides the turkeys take up that part of the barn anyway right now.

As soon as the flies are gone after our first freeze late Nov or Dec we will butcher the two bucklings Silver and Simba. We don’t even bother butchering with flies about.

Oh and me? I’m now 4 months pregnant and feeling great now. Just get overheated easy and very frustrated I cannot do what needs to be done. Like fix the antenna or rehang the shade fabric in the big chicken pen. But other than that just hanging in there praying for rain and the promise of fall.

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