Good Talk With a Friend

I had a good long talk with two friends today mainly about the current drought situation. First, I talked with my friend Suzie. She is the one I refer to as my goat guru person. Well she said the coyotes are coming within 25 feet of their house to drink out of their water troughs! Risking their lives for a drink of water. Needless to say one got shot and is now hanging on their fence.

I asked her how her breeding season went. She said her’s went into heat early like mine did too. She said she only bred 8 of her does because like me we are wondering how this heat will affect the birthing of the kids.

I then called my friend Robin. Her family has been living in this county for generations. I called to talk with her about the By Gone Days festival in October but soon the topic changed to the drought. She asked how we are holding up and I told her we are just trying to keep everyone alive.

I asked her what her dear dad thinks of this drought. She said with a laugh ” Well he says it will end when it rains”. He said he lived through the dust bowl and it was worse then. He remembers the government coming with trailers and offering farmers money for their stock. Everyone was selling out because nothing to feed them. He said the took them all to a canyon in the north part of the county. He said one day you could just see the sky black in that direction. The old timers thought a plague was coming. Instead they learned it was vultures coming in to feel on the canyon on cattle. Eerie story but a reminder things can get worse.

I lemented to her about our financial situation but she quickly reminded me we have it good. She personally knows of disabled vets that have no family and have to rely on others just to eat. Honestly, I needed to hear that. We are better off I know. We are blessed. We are in a better situation now than if we didnt sell all those goats back in spring. We eat a lot of beans but at least we have beans!

You may think these two conversations seem really dark but I think instead they shook me up to hear what I needed to hear. I am blessed. It could be worse. And there is hope!

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