Roast Goose

Well my daughter’s dog Toby has been eyeing the geese for a while now but hasn’t acted on it. Well yesterday when my hubby was bringing in some groceries Toby ran out the door. By the time my hubby had set the groceries down and went to the door again Toby had grabbed a goose and was shaking its neck. My hubby yelled for me but it was too late the poor goose was struggling on the ground. He asked what do we do I said well have roast goose. It’s not like its dirty or anything. The dog just broke its neck.

So since I’m normally the one that does the butchering and well it was 104 degrees outside I volunteered to step my hubby through the job. An hour later and a couple trips in the house for ice water the deed was done. I was real proud of him. He did well only mistake he made was rupturing the bile duct which we rinsed off right away and leaving the oil gland that is located on the tail. I will say geese have a lot more feathers than I imagined. Almost like three layers. The last being really tiny down. Whatever he couldn’t get we burned off with the propane burner.

We then washed it up real good then set in a big bowl in the fridge. We waited until the sun went down to start the oven because how hot the house was already. We found a recipe for onion and sage goose. A few hours later it was ready. The boys even stayed up for the event. None of us have ever had goose before. And it was amazing!! I even hate dark meat and it was great! My hubby warned the grey goose, who loves to attack him, if he doesn’t straighten up he’s next.

I really miss seeing three geese and the two ducks running around together. But I am glad that he didn’t go to waste either. We are keeping a closer watch on Toby. I’d like to preserve all the lives I can for now. The heat is a hard enough adversary.

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