Hot Mess

We are deep in a drought already hitting the record books. Our garden is dead. Hubby has been trying to hold on to the last few tomato plants. I told hubby just to mow the garden down. I’m just so over this year already. Only bright point is my pregnancy.

I hate to sound so negative but other than the garden fail the chickens aren’t laying because of the heat. We have lost a few chickens and today most recently the mama chicken. Her last remaining chick we moved to the front porch in its own cage. She has been crying for her mom all day.

How this drought affects us. Well quite a bit of our food comes from our garden. With that gone we are having to buy a lot more food from the stores. Also in this area they only got one cutting of hay. We are already having to buy hay to feed our goats and donkeys. We dont usually do this till after the first hard freeze.

Hay is very hard to find here. And where you do find some its poor feed value and very expensive. We bought a round bale for $75. We usually would have paid $45 for this size and fair value. Our goats had turned their noses up at it when we first got it but now since our pasture is completely dead they have to eat it. I’m glad we supplement with grain because if they aren’t bred already they will be soon. Then again with this heat they might hold off. Who knows.

This is definately a year for books. No one would have guessed it would be this bad. All I can do is ask for you to pray for rain.

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