Medical Diagnosis is..

Well as you regular readers know I have been real sick since getting the heat exhaustion the day the birds were delivered. Been mostly sleeping and running low grade fevers on and off and dizzy. Well yes I did have some kind of infection and feeling a tad better in that regard but I was still sick.

My hubby said he would take me to the ER this last monday morning if I was not improving. So in knowing they might require xrays of my head as to why the room keeps spinning. My hubby had my scared I might have messed myself neurologically working out in the heat all those hours. So I sent him to the store to get a pregnancy test cause I know they’d ask.

My hubby of course asked “is it possible?” “Of course not I answered.” I mean it’s been 5 years and with our health problems its a long shot like our doctor said. Well as you probably guessed already it was positive! Our minds have been blown ever since and now when my youngest is five “Surprise!” We are so happy, just gave up on it every happening again.

I’m still very ill and just trying to keep things down and rest as much as I can. Hubby is home right now since class is not in session so he has been a big help. I have made up my mind to let the booth go at the end of the year. I am doing well and will keep you all updated.

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