The Heat and Sickness

It is suppossed to be 104 degrees today. It’s way too early for triple digit heat. My corn has tassled at only 3 ft instead of the 8 ft it was suppossed to be. Not sure if its gonna make it or not. Squash and lettuce still producing. Still waiting on the tomatoes. I’ve also heard at the farmers market fewer vendors are showing up since they’ve had bad crops too.

I need to replant a lot and use the growth stimulator I bought from Garden’s Alive. I think I’ll start a plot closer to the house where the onions and beets used to be. That way it will be easier to get water to it in the heat. Still no rain in the forecast.

I’m still sick with whatever this is. Counting the days I was down for the heat exhaustion its been 10 days. I did call the doctor and they couldn’t fit me in the schedule so called me in some antibotics. Don’t notice any difference yet but Hubby says if not better by Monday he’s hauling me to ER. I am so thankful he is home to help. There is no way I could handle all the chores sick. More than likely I would have given up on the garden. God please send rain!

One response to this post.

  1. I hope that on you next posting you can tell us your all better now.

    Don’t know where you live, but, we are suffering the same conditions.
    Past 180 days has been the driest on record in the past 90 years.
    Temps in the 100+% everyday, 110 Friday, 109 Saturday, 108 forecast for today.
    Dry hot southwest winds are taking moisture out of the ground faster than I can put it on.

    Grinning, happy, hot, dry gardening


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