Picking Onions


Picking onions when their tops have dried out and weeds have overgrown their bed is very, very tricky! You have to go down the the base of the weeds push them back and look for the dried onion top. Still not recovered from the heat exhaustion. My daughter is out there working away. I go out help a bit then crawl back up the stairs into the house to catch my breath and cool off.

We laid the onions out to cure on some old towels on our porch table. Book said let cure in direct sunlight but I don’t think they meant our hot Texas sun. So indirect sun it is! Later after lunch I braided the onions with tops and hung to cure. Hubby thinks the braid weighs at least 25lbs! Wish it was enough onions to last all year but its not. Next year I’ll double the onions for sure!

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