How We Keep Cool

Heat is a very big deal this part of the year in Texas and it will get even hotter! Hard to believe but it can. At about 11am we got out and check everyones water. Usually dumping out rabbits bottles and refill them. After all waterers are filled we come back out with ice blocks that we froze the night before in various containers and dump them out in the water troughs. For the rabbits we have a set of frozen 2 liter bottles we set in their cages on their ceramic tile they like to lay on.

Then at about 3pm we recheck their waterers. Dump out rabbits water bottles and put in fresh. Then switch out to another pair of frozen 2 liters. Then add more ice blocks to everyones waterers.

If I see any of the birds having a hard time with the heat. That would be acting sluggish, wings out, panting heavily I will get the sprinkler out and let it run over their yards and house. They will come out and let the water fall on them and then shake every once and a while. The rabbits are spoiled and have their own fan. I’d really like to add misters later to the runs. They are affordable and don’t use that much water. That’s how we get through the hot days and we just pray for rain.

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