They Are Here!






They arrived just as we finished putting wire on the panels. We unloaded the Delawares in the playpen first. Then the Marans in their new pen. And finally the turkeys. I decided to trim their wings so they wouldn’t fly out. That was a rough job and they got us with their strong wings a few times. If you’ve never been slapped by turkey it hurts like… well you know. If feels a lot like a grown person slapped you. We had one turkey escape and another one had a wound on its side. We sprayed with purple wound spray and quarantened her just in case its get too bad infected.

As we were finishing up with the turkeys we heard a commotion at the Maran pen. The goats had pushed their way in and quickly was eating their feed. The Marans got frightened never seeing a goat before and ran out of the pen. They quickly reunited with the new turkeys in the barn. We got some pictures of them but they are still really confused and start running around as soon as we come in.

Oh and I forgot to tell you about Hoss. We named the new Narragansetts Tom Hoss. He is huge. His feet are unreal! I sent my daughter out for some quick pics but when it cools off tonight we will gather up the Marans and put them back in their pen. And hopefully get better pictures of everyone.

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