Running Around Ack!



The guy is set to arrive at 1 with all the poultry. We are not ready yet do to the heat wearing us down and my hubby was out of town yesterday. We are running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

It’s now one a clock. My daughter and I took down the panels from the bull pen and drug them to the pasture. We attached two 16′ panel to the existing chicken pen with these metal corkscrew thingys we got from Farmtek. We then drove a t post into each side to keep the panels from bowing out. Then attached a smaller piece of panel as a gate. And another t post to butt the gate against. We then moved the chick-n-barn inside the pen. I then hung a tarp to three sides of the pen and drove another tpost in the ground to hold up the fourth corner. Now the maran pen is shaded about 1/3 of the pen and their house shaded too. Last things were we added hay to the house floor and a waterer and a feeder under the tarp. Still need to add chicken wire to the panels.

For the barn and pen the turkeys will be in I added a big rubber round tub for their waterer and a feed trough to put their feed in. Tricky part will be keeping the baby goats out. Have to work on that later today. Also need to clean out playpen and add waterer and feeder to it in preparation. Whoa I’m pooped.

Well we got the chicken wire up just about the time he was pulling up with the chickens and turkeys. I will include the details after this point in a new post called “They Are Here”. Look forward to a new post and lots of photos tonight. As for right now gonna try to drink enough water to account for what I sweated out and lay in front of the fan and recover.

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