Overheating Rabbits

We have two rabbits Cookie and Whopper. Already we are taking precautions for them not to overheat. Rabbits can die from heat exhaustion very quickly. We give them a frozen two liter water bottle in the morning just before it gets too hot. Right now thats like 11am.

We also have ceramic tiles in each of their cages so they can stretch their bellies out on and cool off. We also change out their drinking water bottles twice a day since they will not drink hot water. Later when we have the money we will add misters.

Today I forgot to add the frozen water bottles and although they both had water the water was hot so they stopped drinking it. We found both rabbits panting in their pen and Cookie wouldn’t even come to us when we changed her water out. So frizen bottles, fresh water and a fan placed outside their pen. Now Cookie laid down next to her water bottle and taking sips of her fresh water. Hoping they make it. Wow, and its not even over 100 yet!

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