An Offer You Can’t Refuse

I posted on a poultry group site I was looking for Delawares since I lost so many of my chicks. Right now only 16 chickens and that includes my 5 year old birds! A guy emailed me saying he has eight 2 year old Deli’s he’d sell me for $40. Very fair price. So we agreed to talk later.

He called a few days later and we talked for like 40 minutes. We had a lot in common interests.  And by now you know I love to talk about my animals and my garden. He told me his mom was ill so he had to spend some time caring for her in Canada and he had to sell his beloved birds.

He also told me he had Narragansett & boubon red turkeys. I just love Narragansetts. He told me a great price for the 16 of them but I just couldn’t do it. He also told me he had black copper marans he needed to sell. My mouth dropped. These are very rare chocolate almost black egg laying birds. I’ve dreamed of having some but they are not easily found. I told him don’t even tell me how much you want for them I can’t even afford. My heart just breaking.

At the end of the conversation I told him I am selling some of my dairy goats hopefully this weekend at the dairy clinic. I also told him a little about our homestead. He then made me an offer that shocked my socks off for all the birds. That is 8 Delis, 16 turkeys, & 17 Marans! I am not even gonna list the price cause you wouldn’t believe it and if you did you’d have a heart attack like I almost did. After I told him he was crazy. I told him I have to talk to my husband and I’d have to sell some goats cause the budget is tight and no room for buying birds. He said to call him back and let him know.

Well we sold two buckling for cabrito on Friday and then Lis-il today on Sunday. Yeah! So I call him up and tell him its a go! He is suppossed to come deliver them on Weds or Thurs. That gives us enough time to build another pen. It will be rough with the heat but we have all the supplies already.

So the plan in turkeys in the nearest barn and just clip their wings. Delawares in the playpen and Marans in the new pen. I also plan to sell about 10 of the turkeys I will keep a few for breeders or to raise to eat. It would be great if I could make my money back on them so I could break even. I’m so excited I can’t stand it. And no guilt cause bills are paid yeah! June definately a better month. I just thank this guy for blessing our little farm with his precious birds. I can’t wait to see them.

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