Fertilizer Experiment

Let me first say this in no way a scientific experiment. So many other things could affect the outcome. But here are four different experiments and their results.

Three years ago I had my best garden ever. I used Gardens Alive fertilizer Sweet Corn Alive and used it on the corn and also on the tomatoes. I fed twice a growing season like recommended. I also weekly foliar feeded with Garret’s Juice. It was amazing! But that was when we lived out in Huckabay and we had. Good rain yield that year.

Two years ago I fed weekly only.with Garret’s Juice. It did great but not the amazing yield I had out in Huckabay. I can’t remember how the rain yield but gonna guess average or fair.

This year I tried Garden’s Alive granular Veggies Alive and Sweet Corn Alive. I really don’t see any difference. Sorry Garden’s Alive. I put Sweet Corn alive on all my corn and also put some on the tomatoes too. I put their Veggies Alive on all the other veggies. I didn’t use any other form of fertilizer. Not Garret’s Juice or composted manure.

All of my plants are stunted and not producing the way they could have been capable of. I thought it could be the drought we are in but the corner of the garden where a friend has their own garden their plants are huge and so dark green. And what secret ingredient did they use? Composted chicken manure from my own coop. So here I kick myself a little bit for not keeping it simple.

So still going to try something different. I called Garden’s Alive and they guaranteed their products and gave me a store credit! Thanks guys! So I’m going to try their Pyola (insect control) and their plant stimulator. I also ordered a small handheld sprayer and a packet of red and green lettuce mix. So I’ll let you know how that goes. Also going to get more Garrett’s Juice and see which works better on the plant’s health and yield.

So stay turned my fellow horticulture nuts and I’ll update you as I go along. Oh and if you have never heard of Garrett’s Juice just go to http://www.dirtdoctor.com and he used to have a link showing who carries his products. In the Erath county area Greenmaker Nursery in Stephenville, Tx.

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  1. Do you know the APK of Sweet Corn Alive!?


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