Work, Work and More to Do

I posted pics of the turkey baby and her mother today on yesterdays blog. You might want to refer back to it to see. My hubby will be coming home tonight to trim hooves and worm goats. It’s great timing too since we will be taking a few to the mini dairy goat clinic in Dublin, TX this saturday to hopefully sell.

Busy weekend planned. Need to repair weedeater and lawnmower. Use them. Also weed the garden. And start planning on building another poultry pen we need so bad. I also need to move and repair the chick-n-barn. I think I might put it in the garden area and move it around like a chicken tractor. Oh and go get feed in Gorman. Not sure how we will do it all. I doubt we will get it all done but we will try.

I picked up some yard leftovers from a friend and went through it this morning. I have a few more loads to pick up in town. Hopefully the rest we cant use will get picked up from someone from freecycle. This is how we get most our clothes for our family or to stock my booth.

So much to do so little time but it still wont stop me from trying!

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