Turkey Talk

First off let me say “Yeah, hubby was able to find a way home this weekend afterall”. He suprised us at the door earlier.

Hubby was walking in the pasture near the “playpen” and saw a baby chick of some type dead on the ground. He came and got me. I looked at it. It’s a baby turkey! I quickly looked into the playpen to hear a tiny chirping sound in the hutch. My hubby jumped the panel and checked under the royal palm turkey hen. And there was one turkey baby and two unhatched eggs. I don’t think I was so excited to see something new born other than my own children. I have been so excited to see this cross of a royal palm and Merriam’s turkey.

The other hen that was at one time sitting on 15 eggs now has no turkey eggs in thanks to a neighborhood dog. Thank God he was picked up. We found a muskovey duck egg at the park and stuck it under her to see if she’d hatch it. I sure hope so. Not only cause I love Muscoveys I do think it’d be cute to have a turkey mom and ducky baby.

So now in my prayers tonight I’ll add to my list “God please let the little turkey live.” To those who don’t know turkeys only lay a few months a year and thats it till next year. So only one good chance at hatching.

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