Productive Booth Day

Today after I picked up two of the kids we headed over to my very neglected flea market booth. I removed another tub of winter clothes and hung up two tubs of summer clothes. Also priced and put out one box and another tub of toys. I gave away two boxes of books and a box of clothes I will no longer be selling to a friend thats having a charity yard sale. Just in those three hours we were there there was quite an obvious improvment.

I want to work at the booth again tomorrow but gonna be tricky with oldest son getting out early. I have so much to still put out there and still so much empty space. I havent been making much lately because the booth has been low on the priority. I hope to have more time for it this summer when hubby is out of school for the summer.

This evening at home I priced two more tubs of kids books and one tub of antique collectibles. I really want to get them out asap. And then theres the summer clothes in the shed.

My livingroom and porch is starting to look normal again once all the yard sale and booth boxes are gone. I look forward to the day I can landscape my front yard but not the priority right now. Just trying to survive like most everyone else. Tomorrows another day and looking forward to a blessed and drama free day.

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