Jobs On and Off the Homestead

As much as we’d like to have our lives mainly working on the farm, in most cases of homesteading one or both of the spouses must work off the farm. I’ve mentioned my hubby is an Agriculture teacher. I currently am a stay at home mom and also run the farm, which is a job itself. I personally plan on going back to work part time when all of my kids are in school full time this fall.
Here are some creative ways we make money on the side to support our family. First thing I do is I have a booth/shop at an indoor flea market that is open 5 days a week. I sell kids clothes and the best thing is I don’t have to be there. Other ways we make money is selling livestock (usually goats or chickens), selling eggs or organic produce, and sewing sundresses and as of today became an Avon rep. (mainly for the great discount). You can order directly online at

Sadly, our farm does not make a profit but we are not in this for that. Any way we can offset feed expenses or help a little with gas money is a blessing. Be creative. A little here and there does add up. Also, check with a tax advisor on what needs to be reported and what gets written off because your farm didn’t profit that year. For example my booth I have to report my income and pay sales taxes on. I even report my egg sales but when I fill out the schedule for feed cost for the chickens. It zeros out quickly.

Also check into your state and federal laws on sales of animals, produce and other products of the farm. Such as in Texas sale of raw milk or meat not inspected by USDA is also illegal. But I did hear charging for demonstration of butchering technique is not. But you need to verify if that is a loophole or not. I don’t know and don’t have extra meat to demonstrate with.

Other creative ways to help make a living on the farm is small engine repair, house painting, crafting or craft fairs, tilling someones garden, feeding someones animals, mending fences, welding, maintenance work, selling plants, building animal cages, mowing yards, homesteading consulting, cleaning houses, baby sitting, construction, computer repair, cleaning out storage buildings and resaleing items (most times people just let you have items in trade), or picking up yard sale leftovers and selling, recycling, trimming goat hooves or shearing sheep, teaching other kids (homeschool), taking in laundry or ironing and much, much more. Leave a comment and let me know your ideas on how to support your homestead financially.

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