Keeping Busy

Yard sale was a success. We broke even from the gas it took two trips up to hubby’s aunts to get it. That was my goal! At the end I ended up giving away all the leftovers after packing away a few crates of kids books and some collectibles for the flea market booth.

I am so sore the morning after. I have no regrets giving rest of stuff away. I thought I might but it’s relief. I am really thinking hard about if I should keep the flea market booth cause kids clothes just aren’t selling well lately. It really is rough looking right now so I think I will load it full with all the summer stuff I have then come winter have a huge sale and clear out of it. I am just at a point where so stressed I’m picking my priorities.

Speaking about priorities. My hubby has not heard back from the other schools he has applied at. The one school that is interested in him is a few hours away and they provide housing. He is going to the interview on Monday. It’s no secret I’m not happy. This will be the third year he works away. It is like being a single mom. I’m just frustrated by it all. Well frustrated is kind of mild the way I truely feel. Who knows what the next few months will bring us.

So I am going to focus on things I can do to help the family like watering the garden or weeding. Worming the animals. Cleaning house. Sewing or working at the booth. Keeping busy helps in a few ways. Keeps the worry from creaping in and hopefully brings money in for the family.

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