To My Readers

I noticed most of my readers are not even in the US. My message is to those who live in a different country or even environment than we do that I hope in my little blog you will learn that not all Americans are like what you see in the movies or Texans for that matter. And not all homesteaders are the same.

Some live in small houses deep in the countryside or even in the big city raising rabbits or quiet chickens. Some, like us, even live in mobile homes. Some work off the farm in the cities some just work a trade on their farm and rarely go to town. My husband and I do both. He works in a city far away from home and I trade or sell kids clothes and plants and vegetables when in season.

I do enjoy hearing from you. And really would like to hear more on what topics of the homesteading life you’d like to see more of. And to the new readers that have popped up the past few days. If you are wondering why I’ve talked so much lately about the financial. It’s that I made a promise to my readers to report the ups and downs of the homsteading lifestyle and that’s what I’m doing.

Homesteading life isn’t for wimps. But it can make the wimpy stronger if you keep with it. It isn’t as simple “simply life” as you planned. But far more satisfying. So I hope our current struggles haven’t scared you away. And hopefully before you start your homsteading journey you’ll take my advice and have a nice savings cause life happens. I also hope you have a strong faith in something. As you know by now I am a Christian. I don’t apologize for it and do not condem you if you don’t. But hopefully you have someone to call to when things go wrong. Cause things will.

So prayer tonight for you dear anonymous readers. I pray you know the Lord. I pray you success in life. I pray that if your dream is to homestead that you will see that dream soon. I also pray for your happiness. Amen.

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