Emotional Day :)

Oh my what an emotional day! I started out the day still ill from whatever I’ve had. I slept in then loaded the truck with tables and a few other yard sale stuff and headed to town. Picked up son, dropped something off at my other sons school and then headed to friends house to prepare for yard sale.

While at friend’s house setting up we talked and I vented a little. Okay a lot. She brought to my attention something I hadn’t thought before. Someone might call report us. It scared me so bad. I cried on the way home. I had only told two of my friends,  well and ya’ll what we are going through. I’m too prideful to admit we are struggling.

I get home and try to take a nap with my son but too busy fretting. Then my friend (who I hadn’t told) called. I was so emotional at the moment I spilled my gutts to her. After her telling me I should have told her things this bad, she told me her hubby got paid an extra amount of money that month and they had agreed to bless someone with it. So she offered to take care of the bill!! I’m going to pay her back even if she doesn’t want it back. Her words were “God paid us extra this month so we may bless others. So let me bless you.”

I am so relieved this was resolved and I thank God for providing friends at the right time. God is good!

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