Feeling Crafty


Well. I can’t do anything about my current financial situation. But a wild hair hit me and I was feeling crafty. Yesterday I weaved a willow wreath! I wanted to try it since I have two of these annoying trees by the house and a bunch more by the pond. Here is a picture of it drying. The string is holding it in a circle so it won’t dry an offshape. I figure maybe if we make some of these and decorate with dried herbs or flowers maybe my daughter can sell them at the musuems by monthly artisian market.

I have two orders for sundresses to make so going to set up the machine and sew until the lights get cut off. And if they do I might move onto making some goat milk soap or weaving some more wreaths. I lost my favorite soap recipe so I need to search for it online. Not sure if I can get enough milk from the girls to make it since they are at the end of their production since their kids are so old now. But will try! I’ll post pics later of anything I produce today.

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