Financial Woes

God is getting us through this.
I know he is. It’s just a valley I know. Soon hubby will be done with school. Soon he will have a better job. Soon he will be home more. Soon we will be able to pay all of our regular bills regularly. Soon. Soon I pray.

It’s so hard to not be discouraged. It’s so hard not to worry. I mean how do you not worry when Monday your lights will be off and you have only enough gas in your car for a one way trip to town. Oh and no idea how hubby getting to work in morning. Sigh.

I know I will look back on this post and see how God did get us through this. I mean it could be worse it always can. I have children who are disabled and when we have stayed at the Ronald McDonald house you will wake up to the reality it can be worse. All my children are well.

I also know if we were not homesteading things would be so much worse. We have food to eat. We have land and the ability to grow more. So I do thank God for the lifestyle we are in but pray for a drastic improvement.

UPDATE: I got an order for a sundress. They even bought they fabric. So my honey will have gas to get to work in morning. Praise God! Now just need to sew the dress before they cut the power.

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