Garden Pondering May 5th


Yes this is a homesteading blog but so much time I am spending talking about gardening because so much of self reliancy depends on the success of your garden. So on to more gardening talk.

May is the time of year I plant the black eyed peas, lima beans and sweet potatoes. I have the lima bean seeds. A bush variety but still need to get the sweet potato starts and black eyed peas seeds. Curoiusly, I have had a hard time finding Black eyed pea seeds this year online. Pink and green eyed seeds I have found but not what I want. Worst case scenerio I can always plant the bagged black eyed peas I picked up to eat.

The photo shows a bunch of seeds I need to get in the garden soon. The cocozelle zucchini and crane melon I almost forgot to plant. I need to replant more lettuce and carrots for another later crop but I am out of carrot seeds. I need to plant more beets. I am going to attempt to plant soybeans for edamame. I have to replant my watermelons and canteloupe but out of canteloupe seed.

I’m also going to start some seedlings of banana peppers, late tomatoes, and some old seed I’m going to try of ground cherries and huckleberries. Not sure.if they’ll sprout but gonna try.

There is also a large space covered with grass right now that I think I’ll have hubby till up. Not sure if the sweet potatoes and black eyed peas will go there or the fodder beets I’ve been meaning to plant. I’d love to hear feedback on your opinions or questions on this topic or others. So what do you think?

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