A View at the Garden May 5th











Here is a pictorial view of our garden from today.

The first view is of my collards being attacked by Harlequin bugs. I am going to have to treat with orange oil.

The second view is of my trap crop of cauliflower with a harlequin bug on it. A trap crop is a crop that is usually out of season and very tempting to bugs. It is suppossed to help by distracting the bugs to another crop while they avoid your more valuable crop. You are suppossed to pull up infested plant with a plastic bag over then throw it away. I messed up and planted two related crops near one another so they are infesting both! Next time will plant in different corners of garden.

Third picture is of my small patch of Bronze Minnonette lettuce. As you can see I need to pull the bermuda grass again.

Fourth picture is of a leaf lettuce I forget the name. It is flourishing so I need to look back and remember to plant next year.

Fifth picture is of a tomato plant I haven’t yet gotten to weed yet.

Sixth is a picture of our corn. Scott will use cultivator this weekend last time between rows before root system too large.

Seventh picture is of all the weeding and work we did last night around all the squash and one row of tomatoes.

Eighth picture is of our beets that are coming back after being eaten to the ground by the geese.

Ninenth picture is of Daniel who just discovered onion plants can be pretty.

Tenth picture is of our baby carrots.

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