We Lost Flora

The fires are still north of us but the wind is now coming from the south. I just wish we’d get more rain.

Yesterday morning the goats were all playing. The skies had cleared of smoke and even saw Fudge playing tag with Flora & Fauna. But by 4:50 pm that all changed. The kids came running in to tell us that Flora was yelling her head off. We go out to her and sure enough she was.

We soon realized she had gone suddenly blind and not soon after went deaf. We called our vet right away but they couldn’t see her for two hours. A few more vets later we finally had someone that knew what she had. Goat Polio.

Goat polio is not contagiuos. It actually is just a deficiency in the vitamin thiamine. It is not common at all and not sure why she got it. She was the littlest one so we are guessing she wasn’t getting as much feed as she needed and we didn’t know. She wasn’t even low weight since she is still bottlefed. Vet can’t even explain it.

The vet gave Scott four syringes of thiamine. We immediately administered one. The rest were fir later doses. We were told she should respond immediately but did not. Within an hour she started to convulse and get a high fever. We called the vet back. He said once they get to this point there is nothing they can do.

So we held her an stroked her until her pained little body was finally still. I prayed for God to just take her and her did. I just hope when the convulsions started she didn’t feel anymore.

So even though this is rare I will always keep some thiamine handy. Because in most cases if you notice the early signs they will make a complete recovery.

Oh and her half sister Fauna is perfectly fine if you are wondering. But then Fauna is quite larger than Flora was. So to my little dainty Flora I will always remember your voice even if I had you for a little while. I’m going to miss your high pitched enthusiastic “Ma!” everytime you saw me even if it was a few minutes before. You always brought joy to me. Forever loved, signed Your Ma.

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