Corn Planting on a Sunday




Sorry Lord but you know we have faith in you and since there is a forecast for the much needed rain. I feel a little guilty missing so much church. My husband is home only a few days a month now.

So there is a chance for rain and so we are hurrying to plant the corn just in case. I run strings first, then put down the corn seeds, and the boys come behind me to poke them in the ground. Its a great system but still takes forever and wears your back out quick.

Scotts cousin is suppossed to come visit today. We haven’t seen her in years. She asked if there was a better weekend to come. I said no its always busy here. I think the last time we had idle time was during the ice storm.

The first picture is of the boys helping me in the garden planting corn. I took a quick picture because they give up quickly and run back to the air conditioner. The second picture is standing at one end of our garden. It ends at the truck.

Update as of 9pm. We had a great visit with Scott’s cousin. She brought over a bunch of stuff she wanted to get rid of. We were able to find some stuff for us and stuff to freecycle too.

Then my best friend came over with a load of plants her work gave her. I am going to try to sell them for her. There is petunias, lobelia, begonia, allisium, and three types of tomatoes. I am packaging them up in dixie cups for only. 25 a plant or you can buy a flat for $20. There is 280 plants in a plug tray.

We see storm clouds moving in. Hoping for a slow soaking rain instead of just hail and wind.

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